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The Procurement Executives Group provides a forum to identify and address procurement related issues which will improve the effectiveness of the engineering and construction industry.

Established in 1994 the Procurement Executive Group has been recognized as an Industry authority on Procurement, Materials Management, and Subcontracting topics. PEG is actively involved in supporting research efforts related to these topics with Construction Industry Institute (CII), CAPS research, and other industry organizations. Go to links section of this site for more information on PEG associations.


Membership is open to firms in the engineering and construction industry having a recognized procurement organization that meets the following criteria:

  • U.S. – based firms with national operations

  • Has a senior management level procurement executive; or senior procurement management professionals in major operating units

  • Engages 1,000 or more employees in the engineering and construction industry

  • Pays any membership or conference fees as required

  • Commits to taking an active role in advancing the procurement profession as it supports the industry.


Continuation of Membership is based on:

  • Continuing to meet the membership criteria as stated above

  • Active participation by the procurement executive and/or alternate in semi-annual meetings.


The Procurement Executives Group (PEG) serves as a forum for the executive leadership of Procurement and Supply Chain Management in the Engineering and Construction industry. We seek to represent, promote and improve the contributions of our profession to the industry we serve. In fulfilling these objectives, PEG and our member company representatives are committed to the following Core Values:

Ethics and Integrity
We believe that an unwavering and proactive commitment to Ethics and Integrity is fundamental to the practice of our profession as well as the success of our industry and member companies. We are fully committed to setting and achieving the highest global standards of ethics and integrity throughout all industry interactions.

Health and Safety
We recognize the responsibility of Procurement and Supply Chain leaders to identify, communicate, and lead the achievement of Health, and Safety, applying the standards and initiatives of our industry, our member companies, and our clients, in all business practices and in our management of the suppliers and contractors.

We recognize the responsibility of Procurement and Supply Chain Leaders to indentify communicate and lead the achievement of Environmental goals applying the standards and initiatives of our industry our member companies and our clients in making sure our suppliers and contractors show evidence of policies to achieve acceptable environmental practices.

We lead and promote the highest standards through a culture of continuous improvement to assure the compliance and integrity of the goods and services we procure.

We embrace the value and importance of human diversity, both in our employment practices and in those relating to the selection and engagement of suppliers and subcontractors.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility
We accept the significant role that we as Procurement and Supply Chain leaders have to develop new capital projects in a sustainable and social responsible manner for the benefit of present and future generations.

We are committed to a culture of collaboration and openness between supply chain leaders and others as appropriate, as a means to share non-proprietary knowledge, best practices, metrics, and innovation advances to improve the effectiveness of Procurement and Supply Chain Management in our industry.

Leadership in Procurement Excellence
We pledge to serve as a premier forum for Procurement leadership, excellence, expertise, innovation, and the advancement of our profession in our industry.


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