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1.Neither the Procurement Executive Group (PEG) nor any committee, section or activity of PEG shall be used for the purpose of bringing about or attempting to bring about any understanding or agreement, written or oral, formal or informal, expressed or implied, among competitors with regard to process, fees or rates, terms or conditions, territories or customers. Discussion of such matters by PEG members is specifically prohibited.

2.No PEG committee or section shall undertake any activity which involves exchange or collection and dissemination among competitors of any information regarding supplier or subcontractor prices, fees, or rates, or methods of computing same.

3.No PEG activity or communication shall include any discussion which might be construed as an attempt to prevent any person or business entity from obtaining goods or services freely in the market.

4.No person or organization shall be unreasonably excluded from participation in any PEG activity to compete effectively in the engineering and construction industry.

5.No PEG activity or communication shall include any discussion which might be construed as an agreement or understanding to refrain from dealing with any supplier of materials, equipment, services, or other supplies.

6.All meetings conducted by PEG or any committees or sections thereof shall be conducted in conformance with a distributed agenda.

7.Authors of conference papers shall be informed of PEG’s antitrust policy and the need to comply therewith in the preparation and presentation of their papers.

8.All joint research programs and statistical reporting activities, if any, conducted through PEG or a committee or section thereof shall be first approved and thereafter monitored by legal counsel. All such information should be distrusted to all members.

9.PEG members shall not participate in the presentation and dissemination of competitors’, suppliers’, or subcontractors’ fee or price lists. Any violation of this rule shall result in immediate expulsion.

10.PEG members should request advisory opinions from their legal counsel if there is doubt concerning the objectives and effects of the proposed activities of the PEG.

11.PEG members should contact their legal counsel upon receiving knowledge of any government investigations of PEG activities. The general policy of PEG with regard to such investigations, however, is one of cooperation.

12.All PEG members are expected to comply with these guidelines and PEG’s antitrust policy at all times and especially during information discussions regardless of where they are held.

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